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Meet Roger Benatar


Of French culture, but definitively American in spirit, Roger Benatar lives and since 1986 creates in Los Angeles, where he wisely combines European creativeness with the concreteness of the United States. Through his jewels one can really breathe the air of California beaches, the glamour and the colors of Hollywood studios, but also the discipline and the minimalist taste for the being rather than the looks.

In his hands gold becomes simple shapes that have great visual impact that enhances the color and the cut of the stones he uses. Only the simplicity of his creations is apparent: each piece is made to be amazing and to be loved at first sight. Roger Benatar designs jewels that can be worn anytime, with jeans and sneakers, as well as on a formal soiree, always maintaining a precious and original style. His main characteristic is to offer an object that not only suits the outfit, but also fulfills and impersonates the spirit and the image .